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Welcome to the Award Winning Video Games website


Welcome to the Award Winning Video Games website. We aim to promote awareness of Award Winning Video Games and provide you with the very latest information and links regarding the matter. The most popular video games of all time are thus because they are award winners, and break new territory in terms of their graphic appeal and gameplay. One category that regularly wins awards is that of first person shooter video games. These are games that put the player directly into the action, as the game is played from the point of view of the character that you control. This creates the definite sense that you are a part of the scene and the events as they unroll, meaning that these games consequently generate high excitement in the player. The number of first person shooter games is endless, with a variety of themes, such as modern warfare, sci-fi, simulation, law enforcement, historical war, and many more besides. Buy one of these games for your child and you are sure to make them smile.

Another category of game that regularly wins awards is the sports video game. These make great gifts and also promote an interest in sports that your child is then more likely to actually take outside and play for real. These games centre round all of the popular sports, such as soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and many more besides. If your child is interested in sports, they'll love playing a sports related video game. We would be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding Award Winning Video Games.


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The Award Winning Video Games website is not related to the old British Academy Video Games Awards website.

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